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Refund, Cancellation and Privacy Policy

Membership fees:

Membership fees are collected annually on a rolling basis. We no longer operate a fixed January-December membership year. This allows members to receive their complete membership entitlement whilst being flexible to include any study extensions or career breaks. There is no refund of part years should you decide to resign your membership mid-year. Any member wishing to resign their current membership should contact the Secretariat in writing.


Membership break:

We understand the difficulties of balancing a professional and personal life. If you’d like to request a membership break, for example for parental leave, a career break, or extenuating circumstances please do get in touch. Documentary evidence to support your circumstances may be required in order to pause your membership.


Items offered for purchase:

Items supplied by us at a charge come with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. The cost of items returned will be refunded in full, postage charges only to be met by the returnee.


Meeting registration fees, with or without accommodation:

A refund and cancellation policy relevant to the particular event will be published with the registration details for each EACR Conference Series meeting, conference or workshop. 



The EACR prefers to receive payments online through PayPal or by direct bank transfer. Where members prefer to provide credit card details by mail, fax or telephone, the information provided will be for ‘one time use’, it will not be stored electronically or in any other retrieval system. Where cash is required for payment of membership fees, it may only be received by a representative from the EACR Secretariat who will provide a signed receipt.


Personal Information

Personal membership information held in the Members’ Home section of the EACR website is password protected. Passwords are encrypted and stored in a secure server. No financial information is requested or held. Information related to members’ contact email and address details, Profile and Social Media links can be shared within the EACR Member Network. This is only available to EACR members and can be controlled by the individual member.


Email addresses

Members' email addresses are not made available to third parties. They are used by the EACR Secretariat for communication with members individually or by group email for EACR e-News Bulletins, surveys and ballots. Members may unsubscribe instantly from the email delivery of all EACR e-News Bulletins, surveys and ballots. Where members have unsubscribed, alternative provision will be made for participation in ballots.

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