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Launch of the third TRANSCAN-2 Joint Transnational Call for Proposals

TRANSCAN-2 has the goal of coordinating national and regional funding programmes for research in the area of translational cancer research. The specific challenge is to promote a transnational collaborative approach between scientific teams in demanding areas of translational cancer research while avoiding the duplication of efforts and ensuring a more efficient use of available resources, to produce significant results of higher quality and impact, and to share data and infrastructures.

To this end TRANSCAN-2 is launching its third Joint Transnational Call for research proposals (JTC 2016) with a focus on “Minimally and non-invasive methods for early detection and/or progression of cancer” to which the European Commission (EC) will contribute.

Please note that this call excludes invasive methods, such as image-guided biopsy or surgery.

Projects must cover at least one of the areas specified below, which are equal in relevance for this call:

  1. Risk stratification to distinguish groups by susceptibility for development or progression of cancer based on molecular biomarkers and established cancer risk factors, such as age, medical history, anthropometrics (e.g., body mass index, waist circumference), and lifestyle related determinants (e.g., diet, physical exercise, environmental exposure and medication).
  2. Validation of multiparametric methods, using the combination of promising biomarkers (genomic, proteomic, metabolomics and imaging markers) to improve our capability for early detection or progression of cancer.
  3. Improve clinical evidence of the minimally invasive methods: Important criteria to evaluate a biomarker are described in the ACCE model. It is important to acknowledge these criteria when describing the outcome measures and future directions of the project plan.

Key dates

  • Pre-proposals electronic submission deadline: 13 February 2017
  • Full proposals electronic submission deadline: 07 June 2017

Please note that full proposals will only be accepted from applicants explicitly invited by the JCS to submit.

Please note that, for applicants from some countries/regions, it may be necessary to submit their proposals and/or other information not only to the JCS, but also to their relevant national/regional funding organisations.

Based on the time required for the approval process for granting funds to the respective national/regional research groups, individual projects of a research consortium are expected to start in April 2018.

The JTC 2016 core documents and key deadlines can be found on the TRANSCAN website.

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13 Dec 2016

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Launch of the third TRANSCAN-2 Joint Transnational Call for Proposals

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