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Launch of the fourth TRANSCAN-2 Joint Transnational Call for Proposals

JTC 2017 focuses on: “Translational research on rare cancers”.

The challenges related to research and treatment in rare cancers, are intimately tightened to the low incidence of any single clinical-pathological entity currently listed among these cancers. On this basis, a network-based approach within the operating framework provided by TRANSCAN-2 could contribute to address compelling research questions in the area of interest. Indeed, the development and consolidation of consortia based on international collaborations will allow to efficiently integrate resources spanning the entire continuum from diagnostics to therapeutics and maximize the efforts for collecting clinically annotated biological samples.

Such consortia will serve as a guide to pool scientific expertise, share novel insights and eventually train young investigators. In this view, the proposals of the present call will have to cover a minimum of one of the specific aims reported below, and within the aim/s of choice, the applicants will have to address at least one of the topics listed as bullet points.

Proposals addressing one single aim and one single bullet point within the chosen aim will be allowed (click here to see the bullet points)

  • AIM 1: Design and conduct of translational research studies exploiting/combining resources from current clinical trials, bio-repositories and epidemiology-type resources.
  • AIM 2: Development and exploitation of translational research platforms (e.g., patient derived xenograft models/organoids/tissue collections) to study drug responses/resistance and toxicity, and perform drug screens or repurpose approved anticancer drugs.
  • AIM 3: Implementation of precision biomarkers for better stratification of the clinical cohorts.

TRANSCAN-2 JTC 2017 will be implemented through a two-stage submission procedure: pre-proposals and full proposals. Both pre- and full proposals must be written in English and must be submitted to the JCS by the coordinator through the electronic submission system ( exclusively.

Key dates:

  • Pre-proposals electronic submission deadline: 6 February 2018
  • Full proposals electronic submission deadline: 30 May 2017

Based on the time required for the funding at national level, the projects are expected to start in April 2019.

The JTC 2017 core documents and key deadlines can be found on the TRANSCAN website.

14 Dec 2017

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Launch of the fourth TRANSCAN-2 Joint Transnational Call for Proposals

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