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Image of the Month: September 2017

The EACR Image of the Month highlights both scientifically and visually stimulating cancer research images.

We are delighted to announce our September 2017 winning image from Sara Correia and Mireia Castillo-Martin. Sara is a masters student and Mireia a principal investigator at the Molecular and Experimental Pathology Laboratory in the Department of Pathology at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal. Their striking multispectral immunofluorescent image shows lung prostate cancer metastasis.

We wish to thank our panel of reviewers for their help in selecting the winning image.

Winner: Multispectral immunofluorescent image of a lung prostate cancer metastasis

This fluorescent image shows expression of 5 biomarkers (Ki-67 [nucleus, in green], PSMA [membrane, in yellow], Androgen Receptor [nucleus, in orange], AMACR [cytoplasm, in red] and CK18 [cytoplasm, in magenta]) and DAPI in a single tissue section of a lung metastatic prostate cancer. It is obtained after performing a multi-step immunofluorescence procedure, in which each protein is labelled with a specific wavelength, allowing for visualization of all the biomarkers simultaneously. Image is acquired and processed with the CRI Nuance multispectral imaging camera and software (Perkin-Elmer). This technology permits quantification and co-localization analyses at the sub-cellular level of the different biomarkers of interest. Magnification: 200X.

Submitted by: Sara Correia M.Sc., and Mireia Castillo-Martin, M.D., PhD., Department of Pathology, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal.

07 Sep 2017

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