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Image of the Month: July 2017

The EACR Image of the Month highlights both scientifically and visually stimulating cancer research images.

Congratulations to our July 2017 winner Martina Šemeláková, a researcher at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia. Martina captured this stunning image while studying in the Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics at the Medical University of South Carolina in the USA. It depicts actin filaments visualised in SCC9 cells in head and neck cancer with overexpressed NEDD9 protein.

We wish to thank our panel of reviewers for their help in selecting the winning image.

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Winner: Investigation of NEDD9 protein during metastatic process of SCC9 shows high activation of actin filaments on the surface of head and neck cancer cells

Altered (typically elevated) expression of NEDD9 is strongly associated with cancer. NEDD9 is rarely if ever mutated, but frequently shows altered expression or phosphorylation (associated with increased activity) in pathological conditions including immune cell dysfunction and cancer. NEDD9 overexpression is documented to occur and in some cases links the process of tumorigenesis of many different malignances. Several studies have considered the potential value of NEDD9 as a therapeutic target or therapeutic guide. Because of lack of a kinase domain, or any defined catalytic domain, and because it is entirely intracellular, NEDD9 is a difficult molecule to target. Because NEDD9 serves as a scaffolding molecule for other signaling proteins that play significant roles in cancer development, the effects of NEDD9 overexpression in supporting metastasis could in theory be mitigated by inhibition of its downstream targets. Consideration of NEDD9 as a biomarker for therapeutic response is a promising research direction.

Submitted by: RNDr. Martina Šemeláková, PhD., researcher at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Faculty of Science, Institute of Biology and Ecology, Slovakia; the picture was created during study in the Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Medical University of South Carolina, SC, USA.

07 Jul 2017

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