Welcome to the European Association for Cancer Research
Europe’s membership association for cancer researchers

Benefits of membership

Why should you join the EACR?

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Be part of a community of over 10,000 researchers across Europe and worldwide, with the chance to meet new contacts and opportunities for collaborative research


Regular communication about all the latest news, jobs and cancer research conferences

Reduced registration rates

Reduced registration rates at the EACR Congress, EACR Conference Series and our other meetings with partner organisations

Free registrations

The opportunity to win free registrations at many different cancer research conferences, in exchange for a short report from the conference

Meeting Sponsorship

Access to sponsorship from the EACR for conferences you organise. Click here for more information.

EACR Travel Fellowships

The EACR has joined forces with Worldwide Cancer Research to provide Travel Fellowships of up to €3,000 to enable early-career cancer researchers to gain new skills through a short-term visit to a lab or research group in another country. Click here for more information.

Meeting Bursaries 

Funding to help early-career members to attend our Congress, Conference Series and our other meetings with partner organisations. Click here for more information.

Ambassador Programme

Opportunities to become more involved in EACR activities through the Ambassador Programme. Click here for more information.


Representation at the highest levels of European cancer policy discussion


What our members say

"To someone who is thinking about becoming an EACR member I would say: 'Please join! Get involved.'”

"The EACR are incredibly uncomplicated, non-bureaucratic, straightforward and friendly."

"After becoming an EACR member I feel more confident to be involved in the big cancer research community. It is a great inspiration."


Ready to join the EACR?

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  2. We will review and approve your application
  3. You will receive an email with details of how to pay your membership fee
  4. When you have paid we will send your membership details by email

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