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Postdoctoral Associate, Steroid Receptor Biology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

Postdoctoral position

Role description

A full-time Postdoctoral Associate position is available immediately in the Mitsiades lab at Baylor College of Medicine. We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled scientist to study the role of steroid receptors in prostate and breast cancer. The preferred candidate will be expected to have strong conceptual and experimental background in biochemistry as well as molecular biology, specifically in mammalian cells. Candidates must have at least one first-author publication (or article in press) in a high-impact journal and must demonstrate potential and commitment to become self-funded investigators under proper guidance.

Candidate will be expected to:

  • Design experimental plans, lead study execution, analyze experimental data, generate laboratory protocols, and prepare manuscripts with minimum supervision from senior team leads.
  • Troubleshoot and solve difficult problems in the design/execution and development of projects.
  • Perform cell/tissue culture. Observe and identify cell changes under the microscope, determine cell counts using the hemocytometer or coulter counter, perform colony counts and determine cell viability.
  • Isolate, purify and analyze RNA, DNA and protein including hybridization, gel electrophoresis, ECL imaging, PCR reactions, quantitative RT-PCR assays, etc.
  • Perform molecular cloning, transformation, site-specific mutagenesis and transfection of plasmids.
  • Perform stable and transient knockdown of targets of interest via siRNA/shRNA, CRISPR, lentiviral constructs, etc.
  • Maintain accurate, detailed records of experimental data and protocols.
  • Communicate results to and understand instructions from supervisor and other co-workers.

Candidates must be enthusiastic, self-motivated, detail-oriented, dedicated to science and problem solving, with organizational skills and effective at working independently and leading projects. Fluent spoken English is essential.

Salary will be according to NIH guidelines. Candidate will be expected to apply for extramural funding.

Environment and opportunities

The Mitsiades lab works on cutting edge projects searching for new treatments for prostate and breast cancer by targeting steroid receptor signaling. Dr Mitsiades is a physician-scientist specialized in the treatment of endocrine malignancies and is interested in the development of novel anticancer approaches by exploring and targeting the mechanisms involved in hormonal regulation of cancer, in particular of prostate cancer by androgen, and of breast cancer by estrogen (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110(17):6997-7002, PMID: 23559371; Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Dec 23;111(51):18261-6, PMID: 25489091; Cancer Res 2012;72(23):6142-52, PMID: 22971343; Cancer Res 2013;73(15):4599–605, PMID: 23887973; Cancer Res. 2014;74(19):5631-43, PMID: 25274033; Oncogene 2016 May 5;35(18):2345-56, PMID: 26364608; Oncogene 2017;36(33):4767-4777, PMID: 28414305). The Mitsiades lab collaborates extensively with several other research groups, both locally and nationally. The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine is a pioneer in the field of gene regulation, steroid receptors and their transcriptional coactivators, providing a rich scientific environment with many unique and unparalleled opportunities for collaborative research.

Application Details

Interested candidates should submit their CV, a cover letter explaining their relevant work experience, and 3 names of references.

To: Nicholas Mitsiades 
Address: Departments of Medicine and Molecular and Cellular Biology, Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX 77030
Telephone: 713-798-2205
Fax: 713-798-6677

Application deadline: 01 Mar 2019

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Application deadline: 01 Mar 2019

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