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PhD position, Cancer Biology and Therapy, University College Dublin, Ireland

PhD position

  • Studentship details: Stipend of €18,500/year (plus fees) up to a maximum of 4 years
  • Start Date: 01 May 2019
  • Supervisor details: Dr. Maria Prencipe

Project title

Targeting co-regulators of the Androgen Receptor as a novel therapeutic approach for prostate and breast cancer.

Project description

Current treatments for prostate cancer mainly target the Androgen Receptor (AR), however despite initial response these treatments fail. Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is an aggressive form of breast cancer for which there are no targeted therapies. Due to the fact that a proportion of TNBC express AR and that AR expression has been associated with poor prognosis, targeting AR in TNBC is attracting increasing interest.

This project will take an alternative and innovative approach to targeting AR by inhibiting key co-regulators and secondary transcription factors involved in AR action; therefore bypassing AR resistance mechanisms. Among these AR interactors, we have identified Serum Response Factor (SRF) as a promising alternative point of therapeutic intervention.

The focus of this project is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind SRF and AR cross-talk in vitro, in vivo and in patients, with the remit of identifying novel molecular targets independent of AR resistance mechanisms.

Minimum educational requirements

Bachelor or Master’s degree (minimum grade 2.1 or above) in Biological sciences/molecular biology/genetics or related subjects.


Prior experience of working in a research laboratory.

The successful candidate should be enthusiastic, self-motivated and should be able to interact well within a larger research team.

To apply please send your CV, cover letter and contact details of two referees to

Application deadline: 22 Mar 2019

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Application deadline: 22 Mar 2019

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