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Personal or Individual Donations

Thank you for considering making a donation towards the work of the European Association for Cancer Research. Your donation will be used for the educational support of cancer researchers working across Europe. The full value of your donation will be used to support the attendance of young or early career researchers at courses of direct relevance to their work, or to support them via  ‘travel fellowships’ to develop their knowledge and skills in a centre of excellence. 

To make a personal donation please email our Office and Conferences Manager Kathryn Wass for further information.

Donations from Groups or Organisations

You may wish to make a donation in exactly the same way as the Personal and Individual Donations. However, there are opportunities to make donations in celebration and/or commemoration. Educational awards, fellowships and bursaries can be highlighted in this way and we would be pleased to present and discuss ideas should this be of interest.

Thank you again for considering support for cancer research. Exciting progress is being made in the fight against the disease and we believe that this progress can only be enhanced by ensuring that educational needs are met and opportunities for communication and collaboration are fostered.

To make a donation please email our Office and Conferences Manager Kathryn Wass for further information.

Want more information? 

Kathryn Wass
Office and Conferences Manager
+44 (0)11595 15114


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