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Find a Collaboration

Collaborate on projects with other EACR members

Looking for a new scientific collaboration? As an EACR member you can use this tool to find existing projects that are looking for collaborators, or post your own project. Please note you must be logged in to your EACR member account to use the tool.

How does it work?

  1. Click on a project to read more about it and see if your expertise/resources match what the project owner is looking for. If you think you are a potential collaborator, click ‘I’m interested in this Project’.
  2. The project owner will receive your email address, and they will be asked to contact you. Then you can communicate privately to decide if you can form a new collaboration. If you’re successful, please tell us so we can celebrate your success!
You can create your own collaboration project - once you are logged in. Click here to log in

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