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Cancer Metabolism: Innovations in Mechanisms to Therapies

Bilbao, Spain : 5 - 8 October 2020


The study of cancer metabolism has changed our view of tumour biology. Cancer and stromal cells alter their metabolic wiring in order to meet the energetic and anabolic demands, to cope with external insults, to survive in hostile environments and to alter the molecular properties of the niche they inhabit. In this context, it is not surprising that genomic and cellular signalling perturbations have profound consequences on the metabolic landscape. The 2nd EACR Conference on Cancer Metabolism: Innovations in Mechanisms to Therapies will gather top experts in the field to discuss the metabolic alterations in tumours and how we can exploit it to treat cancer. The city of Bilbao in Spain will continue to host the conference and bring together excellent research and a unique environment.

Target Audience

The target audience for this conference is basic and translational scientists and clinicians, both senior and young investigators that want to have a broad and detailed overview of the most recent advances in the field of cancer metabolism.

Topics to be covered

  • Core metabolic alterations in tumours
  • Cancer metabolism and the control of the epigenome
  • Cancer metabolism beyond the tumour cell
  • Emerging cancer metabolism-based therapeutic strategies
  • Technological advances in cancer metabolism

Scientific Programme Committee: 

  • Arkaitz Carracedo (Spain) Chair
  • Christian Frezza (UK)
  • Sarah-Maria Fendt (Belgium)
  • Sara Zanivan (UK)

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Key dates

Bursary application deadline:
31 July 2020

Abstract submission deadline:
31 July 2020

Registration deadline:
04 September 2020

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