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3rd EACR Conference on Cancer Genomics

Cambridge, UK : 25 - 28 June 2017

Partners and Sponsors

The conference will cover all of the most recent exciting developments in the field: cancers as communities of clones and communities of cells; liquid biopsies; genomics and cancer immunology; distinguishing driver from passenger mutations; mutational processes; and genomic and immune system landscapes of human cancers.

Exhibitor resources

What are the opportunities to interact with participants? 

To ensure the best interaction with delegates, exhibitors will be invited to take part in all networking sessions available at the conference. Visit our dedicated page about Networking for more information.

Exhibition timings

The trade exhibition will be open from 10:30 on Monday 26 June 2017

The trade exhibition will close at 15:30 on Tuesday 27 June 2017      

2017 Sponsors

Elite Sponsors

Lucigen  (Stand 6)
Nanostring  (Stand 3)                  

Premium Sponsor

10x Genomics  (Stand 9)        

Classic Sponsor

ANGLE  (Stand 7)
BD  (Stand 13)
Covaris  (Stand 4)     
Diagenode  (Stand 2)
European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC)  (Stand 8)
GATC Biotech  (Stand 10)
New England Biolabs  (Stand 5)
Promega  (Stand 1)
QIAGEN  (Stand 14)
Stratech  (Stand 15)
Swift Biosciences  (Stand 11)


Cancer Research UK  (Stand 12)


Question about sponsorship? 

If you are visiting this site as a potential sponsor or exhibitor please contact:


Claire Sullivan
Communications and Marketing  Assistant

The EACR is grateful for the continued support of its Sustaining Members:


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