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Advertise your opportunity

Advertise a cancer research job or grant opportunity for free

Our complimentary advertising package includes:

  • An announcement in the EACR Jobs & Grants section, with its own dedicated page. Here you can provide more information with a link to your own recruitment web page or contact details.
  • An announcement in one issue of our email news bulletin, sent to nearly 10,000 members every two weeks.

To advertise your job or grant for free, we will require:

  • The job title, institute and location (or the full details of the grant opportunity)
  • 200-350 words of text, including title, plus a web link and/or contact details
  • The closing date for applications

Featured Job: gain more attention for your job opportunity

If our free job listing service doesn't meet your needs, you can pay to be announced as the Featured Job in our email news bulletin (sent to our 10,000 members). You will be listed on our website the same as for our free job listings, but be given special emphasis in the email announcement.

Being the Featured Job is a great way to get more attention for your job. There is only one Featured Job per email. It appears separately above the list of regular jobs, and it carries its own heading, logo and up to 80 words of description.

Job at an academic institute or non-profit organisation €100
Job at a for-profit organisation €200

To advertise your job as the Featured Job, we will require:

For the website listing:

  • The job title, institute and location
  • 200-350 words of text, including title, plus a web link and/or contact details
  • The closing date for the application

For the email announcement:

  • The job title, institute and location
  • Your choice of logo
  • Up to 80 words of text
  • The closing date for the application

Educational programmes e.g. Masters programmes

We will advertise educational programmes where participants pay a tuition fee, e.g. Masters programmes, as long as the programme is relevant and interesting to our members and the organiser is a recognised academic institution.

The administrative charge is €150 plus VAT for an announcement in the EACR Jobs & Grants section and one announcement in our email news bulletin.

Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to VAT at the Standard U.K. rate of 20%. Please note that the EACR reserves the right not to advertise a job or grant if we believe it is not relevant to our audience or inappropriate in any way. In this case if an administrative charge has already been paid it will be refunded in full.

Contact us

Ben Garrett
Communications and Office Coordinator

Click here to email us about advertising a job or grant

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