The Twelfth International Conference on Progress in Vaccination Against Cancer: 11- 13 September 2012



Theatre Royal, NottinghamWe welcome you all to the next PIVAC meeting "The Twelfth International Conference on Progress in Vaccination Against Cancer" (PIVAC-12) which will be held from 11th –13th September 2012, in Nottingham, U.K.

The meeting will cover all aspects of therapeutic and prophylactic cancer vaccinations, and retain a relaxed and informal atmosphere for scientific discussions and interactions.

PIVAC-12 will be held at the Nottingham Conference Centre in Grade II listed buildings, Newton and Arkwright, at the heart of Nottingham City Centre.

The meeting is limited to a maximum of 100 participants and will provide much scope for close interactions among attendees in addition to offering an exciting programme of presentations.

Nottingham UniversityWe look forward to welcoming you to Nottingham.

Scientific Organising Committee

Robert Rees (Chair)
Lindy Durrant; Stephanie McArdle; Poulam Patel
Graham Pawelec; Adrian Robins; Per Thor Straten


PIVAC-12 Pre Conference Workshop

“New Horizons of Immune Monitoring with ELISPOT”

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10th and 11th September 2012

DocumentClick here to download the Workshop programme for PIVAC-12

The meeting will be interactive, permitting abundant opportunity of networking and interacting with experts in the field.
Paul Lehmann M.D.,Ph.D., Professor
Founder, President and CEO

Cellular Technology Limited

Please note there are only a limited number of spaces available (due to lab restrictions 12-16 maximum) and will operate on a first- come- first -serve basis. A very nominal fee of £50 will be requested upon registration. This workshop is independent from the Conference and therefore there is no obligation to attend either or both. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please contact directly.



EFIS – European Federation of Immunological Societies "EFIS-EJI Bursaries"

We are pleased to announce the winners of the above awards who will each receive €500 towards their registration fee and travel.

Belinda Sanchez Ramirez, Havana, Cuba
Maxim Shevtsov, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

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