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EACR Congresses

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EACR-24 - from Basic Research to Precision Medicine


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EACR has organised a Biennial Congress since the first EACR conference was held in 1971.

Most recent EACR Congress


EACR-23: from Basic Research to Personalised Cancer Treatment

Munich, Germany, 7-10 July 2014

EACR-23 Congress Website


All past EACR Biennial Congresses

2014: EACR-23, Munich, Germany
2012: EACR-22, Barcelona, Spain
2010: EACR21, Oslo, Norway
2008: EACR-20, Lyon, France
2006: EACR-19, Budapest, Hungary
2004: EACR-18, Innsbruck, Austria
2002: EACR-17, Granada, Spain
2000: EACR-16, Halkidiki, Greece
1998: EACR-15, Stockholm, Sweden
1996: EACR-14, Edinburgh, Scotland
1994: EACR-13, Berlin, Germany
1993: EACR-12, Brussels, Belgium
1991: EACR-11, Genoa, Italy
1989: EACR-10, Galway, Ireland
1987: EACR-9, Helsinki, Finland
1985: EACR-8, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
1983: EACR-7, Copenhagen, Denmark
1981: EACR-6, Budapest, Hungary
1979: EACR-5, Vienna, Austria
1977: EACR-4, Lyon, France
1975: EACR-3, Nottingham, UK
1973: EACR-2, Heidelberg, Germany
1971: EACR-1, Belgium, Brussels

About the EACR

Advancing cancer research - from basic research to prevention, treatment and care

The European Association for Cancer Research was established in 1968 and the membership is over 9,000. The Association offers opportunities for:

  • Communication
  • Biennial congresses, educational courses, scientific meetings and special conferences
  • Travel fellowships and bursaries
  • Awards and acknowledgement
  • Advance information and professional support
  • Contacts and opportunities for collaborative research




Sustaining Members