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Standing Committees

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Awards Committee

  • Anton Berns (Chair)
  • Alberto Bardelli
  • Raffaella Giavazzi
  • Richard Marais
  • Moshe Oren
  • Christof von Kalle

The Awards Committee encourages and receives nominations and/or applications for the following awards and selects the winners: The Mike Price Gold Medal Award and jointly, The Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Researcher Award.

Where the award is for Poster Prizes at the EACR Congress, the Awards Committee will select judges from beyond the Committee.

The Committee will keep published award criteria under review and refer recommendations for substantive changes to the EACR Board for agreement.

The Committee will take opportunities when presented to nominate European cancer researchers for international awards.

Conference Series Committee

  • Joan Seoane (Chair)
  • Caroline Dive
  • Jessica Downs
  • Verena Jendrossek
  • Daniel Peeper
  • Eli Pikarsky
  • Emmy Verschuren

The Conference Series Committee initiates, receives and considers suggestions for a programme of conferences and courses. Planning is undertaken in the context of the EACR conference calendar, Secretariat commitments/staffing, and the budget available to support the conferences.

Finance Committee and Personnel Committee (membership ex-officio)

  • President - Anton Berns
  • Past-President - Richard Marais
  • President-Elect - Alberto Bardelli
  • Secretary General - Joan Seoane (Chair-Personnel)
  • Treasurer - Christof von Kalle (Chair-Finance)

Remit of the Committee:

To monitor budget performance and address personnel issues as raised or referred by the Board, Chief Operating Officer or staff members.

Receive and review a quarterly statement of accounts against the budget and consider virement requests, if any, as set out by the Chief Operating Officer.

Receive statements from the Chief Operating Officer relating to the staff performance review process and adjudicate in respect of any salary adjustments.

Consider staffing matters including size, structure and duties of the Secretariat and agree staffing changes where appropriate in the context of the Strategic Plan and Budget.

Agree and maintain policy and procedural guidelines in respect of Finance and Personnel matters in the EACR Staff Handbook.

Meeting Sponsorship Committee

  • Carlos Caldas (Chair)
  • Therese Sørlie
  • Emmy Verschuren
  • Moshe Yaniv

The Committee decides on the level of EACR sponsorship, if any, to be committed following requests received. Decisions are made by the Committee in the context of the annual budget and in line with the conditions set out in the EACR Meeting Sponsorship Policy.

Travel Fellowship Committee

  • Leonor David
  • Clare Isacke
  • Yardena Samuels (Chair)
  • Moshe Yaniv

The Committee reviews and assesses all travel fellowship applications, and recommends the level of award for successful applicants within budget and policy framework.

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