Welcome to the European Association for Cancer Research
Europe’s membership association for cancer researchers

Advisory Council

National Society Representatives (ex-officio)

Society Representative
AEK – Germany Rainer Engers
ASEICA – Spain Carlos Camps
ASPIC - Portugal Luis Costa
BACR - Belgium Mark De Ridder
BACR – UK Julian Downward
DSCF - Denmark Morten Mau-Sørensen
HDIR - Croatia Sonja Levanat
IACR - Ireland Amanda McCann
ISCR - Israel Eitan Yefenof
MOKAD - Turkey Engin Ulukaya
MOT – Hungary Edith Olah
SDIR - Serbia Mirjana Brankovic–Magic
SFC – France Marie Dutreix
SIC – Italy Gabriella Sozzi






















International Partnership Representatives (co-opted)

Country Representative
Australia Ross Hannan
Brazil Luis Felipe Ribeiro Pinto
USA Marge Foti







National Network Representatives (elected)

Country Representative
Netherlands Hans Hendriks
Norway Ragnhild A Lothe
Poland Joanna Rzeszowska
Sweden Leonard Girnita









'Open Seats' Representatives (elected)

Country Representative
Slovak Republic Luba Hunakova
Luxembourg Simone Niclou






The Advisory Council will be chaired by the EACR President. Please address general enquiries to the EACR Secretariat.

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