EACR Summer Conference: Cancer Genomics

25 – 28 June 2013
Churchill College, Cambridge, U.K.

Churchill CollegeThe European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) is organising a Special Conference on Cancer Genomics to be held at Churchill College, Cambridge from 25 – 28 June 2013.  The conference will start on Tuesday 25th June at 12.00, and end on Friday 28th June at 13.00.

The objective of the conference will be to cover recent and exciting developments in Cancer Genomics, as well as to provide an overview of the field.  It will bring together scientists from different disciplines, such as cancer biology, translational research, bioinformatics, and epigenomics.

Importantly, it will also provide ample opportunities for early stage researchers to present their work to the international community.

Keynote Lectures:

Shankar Balasubramanian (Cambridge, UK) - “Sequencing Nucleic Acids: From Chemistry to Medicine”
Anne-Lise Borresen-Dale (Oslo, Norway) - “Integrating omics data for better prognostication of breast cancer”
Sam Aparicio (Vancouver, Canada) - "The implications of clonal and mutational evolution for cancer medicine"

Accredited by ACOE

Supported by BACR

CME accreditation for this conference has been awarded by the UEMS-EACCME / Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe, who recognise high quality and value in a scientific and educational programme.  17 European CME credits (ECMEC) have been granted. To read more about accreditation and the international recognition of CME credits, click here.

I hope, as do all members of the organising committee, that you will be able to join us at this Special Conference.

Best regards,

Dr Jessica Anne Downs

On behalf of the EACR Education Committee and the Scientific Organising Committee: 
Carlos Caldas, James Brenton, Jessica Anne Downs and George Vassiliou


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