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Previous winners of the Pezcoller Foundation - EACR Cancer Researcher Award Lecture

2018 Winner - Jan Korbel

The winner of the 2018 Award was Jan Korbel (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany). The Korbel group combines experimental and computational approaches, including single-cell sequencing technology, to unravel determinants and consequences of germline and somatic genetic variation.

Dr. Korbel said "This indeed is a huge honour for me and my lab, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Pezcoller Foundation and the EACR panel for selecting me for this prestigious award."

2016 Winner - Yardena Samuels

The 2016 Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Researcher Award was presented to Professor Yardena Samuels (Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Director, Ekard Institute for Cancer Diagnosis Research, MICC, Israel).

The Samuels laboratory uses various sequencing approaches to identify the genetic changes that underlie melanoma. Once these mutations are identified, her group focuses on characterising the biochemical, functional, and clinical aspects of the most highly mutated genes.

2014 Winner - Eduard Batlle

The 2014 Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Researcher Award was presented to Professor Eduard Batlle from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), Spain.

In 2004, Eduard Batlle joined the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) as Head of the Oncology Program and ICREA Research Professor. The research activity in his lab is focused towards the characterization of the mechanisms that drive colorectal cancer initiation and progression. In the last ten years and amongst other findings, the Batlle laboratory has made key contributions to understand how stem cell gene programs control the behavior of tumor cells and impose a hierarchical organization on colorectal cancer. More recently, he has investigated the phenomenon of metastasis and particularly how disseminated tumor cells depend upon signals from the tumor microenvironment for survival during colonization of foreign organs.

For more information, visit Professor Batlle’s lab website or Pubmed.

2012 Winner - Eric So

Eric So (King's College London, UK) was the winner of the 2012 Pezcoller Foundation - EACR Cancer Researcher Award Lecture, which was presented for the first time at the EACR-22 Congress. Professor So received a prize of €10,000 and gave the prestigious Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Award Lecture at EACR-22.

The primary goal of Eric So's research program is to characterize the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation that are corrupted in leukaemia. By identification and molecular dissection of the transcriptional and epigenetic networks deregulated by oncogenic transcription factors, the research work should give important mechanistic insights into the molecular basis of the diseases, and in longer term, provide fruitful avenues for development of specific therapeutic interventions.

For more information, visit Professor So's personal website or Pubmed.


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